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  • OG Medical offers a full range of acute as well as elective orthopedic care, for all age groups. Some of the medical interventions are standard, some are less common, and others are entirely unique on a nation-wide basis.


    1. Ultrasonic diagnostics of the musculoskeletal (locomotor) system, including examination of infant hips (coxae), arthrocentesis under ultrasound, coxitis in children as well as adults, emerging decompressed arthrosis (of hips).

    2. Hip joint operations in child age as well as adult age, including surgical solutions of pre-arthrosis conditions in hip joints by way of preservant interventions and hip joint prosthetic appliances (standard, mini-invasive, mini-arthrectomy).

    Management of the care:

    In addition to outpatient care whereby the need for an operation may potentially be indicated, we then perform the actual operation, and subsequently provide post-operation medical checks both during the hospitalization and/or during the post-operation outpatient care.